March 28, 2020

What consumers want


According to a Sprout Social’s survey of 1013 US consumers 80% of respondents believe that society is more divided today than it has ever been before, and, moreover, 55% blame social media for that. However 91% of consumers at the same time believe social media can connect people, and 78% expect brands to use social to bring them together. Social media is ranked as primary channel for reaching people. Consumers want brands to be …positive, contribute to society (72%), connect with their consumers (64%), and use their power to help people (64%). When customers feel connected to brands, they are more likely to buy over a competitor (76%), recommend brand to a friend (68%), be loyal to that brand (64%), spend more with the brand (57%), and even shop there after they have had bad experience (38%). 70% of respondents feel more connected to a brand with a proactive social media using CEO, and 72% feel the same when employees share information on social. People think brands can leverage social media to connect consumers with each other by creating interactive social content (46%), highlighting common interests among customers (43%), creating private groups (41%), promoting offline events (39%), highlighting different points of view (39%) or user-generated content (37%).

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