June 16, 2020

Visual content


According to a Venngage survey of 200 content managers 90% of content marketers consider visual content as highly important, or think that their marketing strategy is nothing without visual content. 74% of marketers said that more than 70% of their content contained some form of visual (10.5% growth compared to 2018). Original graphics (excluding infographics and illustration) and stock photos were the most popular visuals (34% and 40%... respectively). While video and presentations (excluding webinars and slideshare) and charts and data visualization took only 14% and 8% of frequency. 40% of content marketers said that original graphics helped them to reach their marketing goals. Meanwhile more frequent stock photos were responsible for just 13% of success. Video and presentations helped in 24% of cases. An online tool or graphic maker (excluding Venngage) and an in-house designer were the most frequently used ways to create visual content (36% and 29% respectively), while a freelance took just 15%. 31% of marketers said that they spent on visual content 0% to 10% of their budget. 22% and 21% of marketers spent more (11% to 20% and 21% to 30% respectively). The most part of visual content were made for own blogs or other landing pages on own websites (62%) and popular social networks (Facebook – 49%, Instagram – 47%, and Linkedin – 42%).


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