July 18, 2022

Us e-commerce


According to the latest retail forecast from Insider Intelligence, US e-commerce sales will reach $1.050 trillion by the end of 2022 (slightly lower compared to Q1 forecast). The first time since 2009 US retail e-commerce sales growth will dip into single digits – an increase of 9.4% vs 2021. E-commerce’s share of total US retail sales will be 15.0% (up from 14.6% in 2021). Amazon’s e-commerce business will grow by 9.0% this year (lower than the prior forecast of 14.6%) to reach $397.43 billion. That will give it a 37.8% share of the US e-commerce market in 2022, a slight drop from the 38.0% it had last year. This is the first time Insider Intelligence is projecting a decline in Amazon’s US e-commerce share. Apple’s on-line business will soar by 13.5% to reach $40.79 billion, giving it a 3.9% share of US on-line sales. Conversely, eBay’s e-commerce business will decrease by 7.6% in 2022, reducing its sales to $36.69 billion and equating to 3.5% of US e-commerce sales. Apple’s share of the e-commerce market will surpass that of eBay for the first time. Insider Intelligence has increased its projections for total US retail spending in 2022. It expected to grow by 6.4% year over year to reach $6.988 trillion, up from the $6.796 trillion that expected in Q1 forecast. The increase in overall retail spending is driven mainly by inflation and higher fuel prices.


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