May 30, 2020

Undesired coronavirus


According to Digiday, publishers keep observing block of coronavirus ads by advertisers. Advertisers mostly ignore the arguments for necessary changes in their keyword-based approaches to avoid coronavirus news. However Integral Ad Science, a brand safety provider, released a study in April proving that people do not perceive negatively advertisers appearing near coronavirus news. Industry sources say they see as many blocks as... before. April ad spending on news websites reached 14% compared with the first week of March, according to ad tech vendor PubMatic. Despite the increase, CPMs declined to 34% for news websites from March 16 to April 4, according to data by Goodway Group media agency. Most advertisers acknowledge that there are not only the coronavirus news that are always negative, but the businesses themselves are not prepared to do something that could take at risk their businesses during the crisis. More often reading coronavirus news make people grim and advertisers are notoriously sensitive to talking to people at such moments. Marketers believe that readers actually link bad news with bad companies. That’s why advertisers prefer to avoid any of such associations.

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