October 5, 2020

Uk ad spending


Total media ad spending in the UK will decrease by 7.5% in 2020 to £21.03 billion ($26.84 billion), according to a forecast from eMarketer. This decrease in expenditures can be caused by the lack of spending on traditional media, which will drop by 22.6%. Digital ad spending will remain relatively flat this year, growing by 0.3% to reach £15.08 billion. Due to shrink of traditional media the part of digital ad spending increased to 71.7% ...(from 66.1% in 2019). Mobile ad spending (as part of digital) will account for 53.3% of total ad spending (compared to 47.6% in 2019). Within digital, video ad spending will be the fastest-growing format this year, at 15.0%. Video will also account for more than half of all digital display ad spending for the first time. While display outlays will rise 7.2%, search spending will decrease by 3.2%. eMarketer predicts that after big depth of this year falling and the assumption that the UK will not experience a significant second wave of infections, next year ad spending will grow by 15.3% reaching £24.25 billion.


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