March 1, 2021

Trends of 2021


James Frampton, SVP and general manager EMEA at SugarCRM, describes some of trends that he foresees in 2021 for sales and marketing.
#1 Moving into the future, where buyers will be able to access the information they need about a product or solution on-line, the role of the salesperson is set to change to an ‘insight selling’ model. This will transform their role, making it less about striking a deal, and more about building a relationship, pr...oviding insight and sharing accountability with customers.
#2 Collaboration between sales and marketing experts will help brands succeed as sales teams have expertise in B2B sectors, while marketing teams dominate B2C. Aligning sales with marketing will make sure everyone is aware of who they’re targeting and what they’re selling.
#3 Automation usage for tasks such as data inputting and processing is increasing within sales functions. With teams taking advantage of automation to, for example, keep CRM data accurate, handle sales forecasts or the use of Robotic Process Automation to answer basic questions, and handle the more simple, repetitive tasks, freeing up agents to sell. Salespeople need to continually develop the skills machines can’t yet replicate, such as building relationships, as well as building an understanding of the solution, market and customer in front of them.

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