March 9, 2022

The metaverse


According to a study by IZEA Worldwide, a provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for brands, which polled 1034 US internet users, 56% of social media influencers are working in the Metaverse with 60% viewing themselves as creators in virtual worlds. 72% of influencers say they are considering or are already making money in the Metaverse. Top activities of consumers looking to participate in the Metaverse include gaming (68%), exercising (53%), and watching media (48%). When asked what is holding consumers back from joining the Metaverse, 20% said they are waiting for virtual reality (VR) technology to become more affordable and 12% are waiting for VR tech to improve. 90% of influencers and 72% of social media users support brand sponsorships in virtual world games. 73% of all respondents who have played virtual world games have seen sponsorships in those games, and 42.2% remember the brand names. 15% of social media influencers and 6% of social media users surveyed own VR devices. Of the consumers surveyed who already own VR devices, 50% own a PlayStation VR, and 48% own an Oculus (Meta) Quest 2. 66% of consumers looking to join the Metaverse expect to purchase a VR device in the next three years. Consumers rank Apple and Amazon above Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony as the brands they believe will build the most compelling virtual reality experiences of the future.

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