July 2, 2020

State of marketing


Salesforce’s latest global State of Marketing Report, which gathered data from almost 7000 marketing leaders globally, had three overarching findings:
• Marketing transformation is taking on new urgency.
• More empathetic marketing is being achieved due to greater data and personalization....
• Marketers are doubling down turning trusted customer relationships into business value.
The combination of data-savviness and human intuition makes a great marketer. 60% of polled rated their team’s communication skills as advanced, with creativity (58%), data analysis (57%) and collaboration (56%) all featuring strongly. 69% of customers say they expect connected experience, according to Salesforce research from 2019. The report notes marketers’ aim to become more connected with their customers, however also the need to become more connected with sales teams. 79% of marketers use the same CRM system as sales and service departments. 78% of polled described their customer engagement as data-driven. Marketers are turning to even more complex combination of data management platforms to build a cohesive understanding of their customers. The report notes, this is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. 84% of marketers are using it in 2019, compared with just 29% in 2018. High performers (70%) are far more likely to have a defined AI strategy compared with lower performers (35%).


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