April 4, 2020

State of in-house marketing


According to Bannerflow’s article at Digiday on in-house digital marketing report (), which surveyed 200 European marketers, the biggest reasons for brands to use in-house digital marketing are cost savings and higher return on investment (ROI), rather than the impact on creativity. 60% of senior marketers experienced a higher level of creativity after their business moved traditional agency functi…ons in-house. 58% of brands had seen a positive ROI since moving their digital marketing in-house, while just 3% marked no improvement. It’s important to note that the drive for better ROI is not just connected to the in-housing trend — it is a constant demand from businesses and moving to in-house staff members is part of a wider worldwide trend to reduce costs and improve returns. 45% of senior in-house marketers were now applying KPIs to measure creativity, and a further 48% were experimenting to find the right methodology to do this accurately. 20% of respondents said that increased levels of creativity via in-housing has given them a competitive advantage. 39% of marketers said that addressing transparency issues were the key reason for moving in-house, other 35% put greater control over creativity at the top of the reasons. But in-house talent is still a big issue. 27% of senior marketers said that in-house teams lack “creative thinking” as a skill.


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