April 1, 2020

Some coronavirus effects


Recent months we see some shifts launched by novel coronavirus. A lot of people over the world have to stay at homes: adults work remotely, kids and students cannot visit schools and colleges. Due to new long kids holidays TV has changed schedules and broadcast more cartoons and content for kids. According to Nielsen data, total day viewing in the US of The Cartoon Network has raised up to 58% (new holiday time vs a week b…efore), Disney Channel – up to 43%, Boomerang – up to 31%, Nickelodeon –  up to 25%. There is growth for OTT platforms too, but not so high. Pluto TV, Viacom’s ad-supported streaming service, marked a 10% increase in views of children content. According to MediaPost, The Weather Channel is airing hourly educational short videos targeting young people. The BBC in the UK and RAI in Italy are also planning to show more kids and teens entertainment and educational content. It looks like summer holidays schedule in Spring. Therefore advertising should react on changing audiences. According to Digiday, some big advertisers already try to stop ad spending on millions of dollars or think about pause. But ad activity at digital media and especially in entertainment (games, video content, etc.) for desktop and mobile devices has increased recently and should continue the growth further.

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