September 19, 2020

Social media news


A new article from Pew Research shows the great shift in a primary source of news that Americans receive and accept. 25% of US adults called news website or app a primary source of political and election news, 18% chose social media, while cable TV and local TV were chosen by 16% of respondents. However for different age groups distribution is completely irregular. Young adults (18-29 year old) are more likely to use social media (48%) ...and news website or app (21%). While elderly Americans (50-64 and 65+) use different channels, but social media (9% and 3%) and news websites or apps (23% and 12%) are at the bottom of their list of priorities. They prefer all kinds of TV (50-64 years old chose local TV (39%), while 65+ prefer cable TV (39%)), radio and print (47% of 65+). Middle aged Americans (30-49 years old) use all kinds of sources. Their top choices are news websites or app (44%), radio (42%) and social media (40%). The part of people with low political knowledge are the most among those who more likely to get political news from social media and local TV – 57% and 69% respectively, while among other sources this part is much less (36% and less). Also a big part of news consumers among all sources heard or believe in conspiracy theories about pandemic or other themes: the most part I.e. 81% (sum of “a lot” and “a little” answers) for social media, the least part 62% for cable TV. Results show a bad tendency for young US adults to use only one primary source (social media) and more engage in fake news and conspiracy theories that are spread there. Also it can illustrate why advertising through social media is so effective in influencing young people.

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