December 16, 2019

Rising customer expectations


According to research by Google and Kantar (), customer expectations of online retail are on the rise. An analysis of 33,500 shoppers across 17 countries (including about 2,000 from the UK) demonstrated the need for retailers to innovate and improve the customer experience at an ever-increasing rate. UK retailers performed better than the average of their global counterparts in terms of consumer satisfact...ion with customer experience. There are clear areas of improvement for retailers to act on immediately or risk losing hard-won ground with loyal UK customers. 79% of UK customers rated their experience with retailers as excellent or very good compared to the global average of 69%. Customer satisfaction in the UK has stayed the same and at a rather high level; for instance, 72% of respondents were satisfied with quick and easy payment processing, and 69% were satisfied with quick website/app loading. The biggest increase in satisfaction was in the fresh delivery of groceries (52% rising to 57% satisfaction). UK customers were more likely than the global average to promote their preferred retailer (40 scores vs. 30, respectively). The research found that consumers preferred to shop in three online stores while being aware of about 12 of them. Only 33% of UK shoppers expressed satisfaction with retailer loyalty schemes, and only 43% felt that retailer websites got to know their preferences or personalized content for them.

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