December 28, 2019

Reaching personalisation


About 80% of marketers will abandon personalisation efforts by 2025 according to the latest news from the analyst firm Gartner (). About 27% of respondents said that data were the biggest obstacle. A similar number said that technology was a major hurdle to personalisation. Data and its various methods of analysis, from collection to integration and protection, was named the primary roadblock. ...Charles Golvin, senior director analyst in the Gartner for Marketers Practice, said that marketers must really adopt the basics when it comes to testing and learning before investing in personalisation and new tactics. Gartner recommended that companies needed to leverage a pilot, or proof of concept, with a vendor before investing as well as focus on strategic planning, use case development, and consent management as part of an overall roadmap. Other news from Gartner was connected to brand relevance and innovation. According to the latest Gartner’s Brand Strategy and Innovation Survey 2019 report, the field of marketing still lags behind in terms of innovation despite sharing 16% of marketing budgets and maturing as a core discipline. The report states that many marketing leaders express difficulties in finding the right talent for innovation. About 33% of nearly 400 marketers struggle to manage a brand, and the same percentage worry about keeping their brand relevant while 30% struggle with creating a compelling brand vision.

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