September 20, 2021

Programmatic ads


Florida-based artificial intelligence (AI) advertising SaaS platform Alfi surveyed 100 senior executives about programmatic advertising. While half of respondents expect a dramatic increase in programmatic advertising expenditure over the next three years, the majority of the remaining half (43%) still anticipate moderate increases, highlighting a unanimous consensus on this style of marketing’s imminent growth. When asked to pick the three most important benefits of programmatic advertising, 94% of those asked cited automation. 72% chose real-time measurement as another important factor of programmatic advertising, followed by 67% who consider sophisticated targeting as an additional benefit. Lastly 46% selected return on ad spend as one of their three key benefits. Programmatic advertising involves the automated purchasing and management of digital ad campaigns based on customer types and specific contexts. As AI and machine learning (ML) becomes more sophisticated and readily marketable, their number of use cases in programmatic advertising continue to grow. Paul Pereira, Alfi ‘s CEO, said: “Huge advances in technology and a growing focus on more precision targeting of audiences and evaluation is driving growth in programmatic advertising, making it one of the most exciting and dynamic developments in marketing.”

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