October 14, 2021

Prefer in-person


A quarter of British consumers said they would be more likely to buy items they find challenging to buy on-line if they could ask questions and get advice in-person, according to a research by e-commerce tech firm Ve Global. Clothing was considered the most challenging category of products to buy on-line, ranking first amongst the 2014 respondents 27% of the time, followed by groceries at 21%, vehicles at 20%, and home furniture at 16%. Top reasons for struggling with these products included difficulty browsing for products on-line (25%), confusing product specifications (21%) and not being able to ask a sales assistant for guidance or advice (21%). Consumers missed getting help from sales assistants most when shopping on-line for white goods (37%), consumer electronics (37%), vehicles (29%) and beauty products (26%), which are typically considered high value purchases or long term investments. When asked what would help them make purchases on-line, 31% of respondents said detailed product descriptions would be beneficial, whilst the ability to tailor research results alongside the means to discover other relevant products were both cited by 20% of those asked. So having a website alone isn’t enough for on-line retailers to compete for considered purchases. Adaptable brands are experimenting with technology to make on-line shopping even more convenient.


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