October 26, 2020

Platform burst


Snapchat is rolling out a new tool for advertisers to reach more people more often. Platform Burst allows advertisers that buy media to ensure their campaigns reach a certain amount of people in the app over three or five days. Over this time period, Snapchat guarantees advertisers that those campaigns will reach at least 40% of their target audience 15 times. The burst of ads over a concentrated period of t...ime could help offset the fact that ads on Snapchat are easily skippable and consequently less likely to be seen. Advertisers can split their campaigns into different formats across different parts of the app. A Platform Burst campaign is capable of covering Story Ads in the Discover section of the app: Snap Ads in a media companies’ Publisher Stories and the TV-like Snapchat Commercials between Snapchat Shows, for example. Platform Burst has a similar premise to TikTok’s Take Over ads, which lets an advertiser make the first post dominant for someone who sees it once he/she opens the app. With the rollout of the new campaign format, Snapchat is widening its moat against TikTok and other challengers for short-form video budgets. There is no fixed price for Platform Burst campaigns however Snapchat execs have pitched early iterations at around $127,000 according to the execs. The alternative Take Over ad on TikTok, for example, costs around $89,000 while Twitter’s Spotlight corresponding ad takeover product costs around $38,000.
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