June 9, 2021

One more word against google


Google pays close attention to its advertising programs: in 2020, advertising pulled in $146.9 billion of its $182.5 billion annual revenue, or 80% of its total revenue, according to CMSWire,Google started testing the open-source Privacy Sandbox for new way of targeting ads without third-party cookies. Method is based on group-targeting principle called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). Marketers For An Open Web (MOW), a coali...tion of marketers and publishers who support an “Open Web,” in March teamed up with US Save Journalism Project and in a joint statement said Google “already possesses more data on more people than any other organization on the planet. In reality it is only stopping the use of third-party cookies to enhance its own commercial interests.” That group is calling for regulatory intervention to stop Google from stifling open competition for the web. “Monopolies don't tend to lead to good pricing, as far as consumers are concerned. And I think that should be very worrying. If marketers want to have a diversity of options through an open web then they should be very concerned,” said James Rosewell, a director of MOW. Google is going to capture consent from users of their various resources and services and continue to offer personalized marketing. But “at the same time they're taking away through Privacy Sandbox the features of the internet and the web that allow competitors to offer a comparable proposition,” Rosewell added. “That's why Marketers for an Open Web are advocating for regulatory intervention.”


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