September 27, 2021

Old marketing tech


According to a post by Dan Izzard from Beambox at MarketingTech, ‘old’ marketing technologies are making a significant comeback with modern marketers. Although they operate on different platforms and have considerably different use cases, these three old school tech (e-mail marketing, QR codes and SMS messaging) shares three common goals: audience building (engaging new users), personalized marketing (sending personalized messages with right content at right time), automation (managing of repetitive tasks). QR codes, initially launched in 1994, became popular in 2020 as a touch-free solution for exchanging information and providing payments. The most of Fortune 500 companies in America are now using QR codes within their product marketing. According to a report by SimpleTexting, nearly 59% of consumers check their text notifications within 5 minutes. By comparison, only 22% of emails are read as quickly. 61% of businesses and marketers surveyed are increasing their text marketing budgets in 2020, and 41% have seen an increase in their consumer opt-in rates over the past year. Millennials generally have the highest preference for text messaging from brands. E-mails are also very popular channel and have rather the same high click-through rate as text messages. A 2020 Content Marketing report from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs revealed that content marketers rate e-mail newsletters as their highest performing type of content for securing new leads. SMS and e-mails are also very cost-effective. Individual texts or e-mails cost cents to send, and with such a high level of engagement up for grabs, the return in attention and potential revenue can be game-changing.

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