June 4, 2021

No cookies concerns


Digiday researched marketers’ expectation from Google’s rejecting of third-party cookies. Simple explanation is in fact that Google restricting third-party ad tech companies from operating on its networks. “I highly doubt that this change is done purely to support the privacy topic and is disconnected from future profit streams that Google is anticipating,” said a marketing procurement director at a pharmaceutical business who spoke to Di...giday on the condition of anonymity. Marketers had hoped the ad tech industry would have found a way to make advertising work without personal identification by now. Instead, they’re faced with a solution that will privilege tracking in Google’s own marketplace and undermine it in others. Conservative marketers suspect Google’s next scalable solution is to obfuscate the concept of transparent consumer ID targeting, which the third-party party cookie is. Should Google succeed, then no advertiser, publisher, data provider or facilitator will ever understand why their campaign ‘works’ or not and will be dependent on Google’s walled garden for future success. “This dependence is Google’s new monopoly going forward, and it’s one with greater scale because it removes the intellectual property of targeting and data knowledge from the market and everyone else,” said an ad tech executive on condition of anonymity. As logical conclusion: a world without third-party cookies will be similar to the one with them — marketers dumping money into Google.


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