August 19, 2020

Most valuable global brands


WPP and Kantar presented their latest report 2020 BrandZ on the Top 100 most valuable global brands. Total value of Top 100 brands reached $5 billion. The rate is 6% higher than in 2019 ($4.7 billion), while growth rate in 2019 was 7% compared to 2018. In 2006 total value of Top 100 brands was just $1.4 billion. During the five weeks from February 14 to March 20, when the MSCI World Index dropped 75% and the S&P 500 dropped 51%, th...e BrandZ Strong Brands Portfolio dipped just 42%, and the BrandZ Powerful Brands Top 10 Portfolio dipped only 37%. The pandemic did not hit leaders as much as others. Amazon (#1) stays on the top, and Apple (#2) again keeps second position. Microsoft (#3) and Google (#4) (they swapped places for third and fourth). About a half of brands are from the US, while about a quarter are Asian (17 of them are from China). Alibaba group (#6), and Tencent (#7) are leaders between Asian brands. Moutai (#18), the traditional Chinese alcohol beverages brand, increased 58%, and leads Top 100 ranking in percentage value increase. Instagram (#29) has the second pace of growth (+47%). Top European brands are at the end of Top 20 brands: SAP (#17) and Louis Vuitton (#19). Only Facebook (#8) and McDonald’s (#9) from Top 10 brands decreased their brand values (-7% and -1% respectively).

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