April 5, 2021

Marketers expectations


Iterable surveyed 500 business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers across the US and UK to gauge their plans for 2021 and identify what really matters to marketers.
Marketers’ top three business priorities for 2021 are to increase new customer acquisition (65%), improve data management (44%) and optimize marketing automation workflows (41%). 83% of marketers said they’re likely to include artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their 2021 m...arketing strategy.
And 84% are currently developing or planning to develop AI capabilities in-house. 78% of respondents also plan to use zero-party data – data given explicitly to a brand by customers – to better personalize messaging experiences. The focus on these technologies indicates that brands are doing everything possible to earn precious market share through personalization as consumers continue to spend less during the pandemic.
Over 60% of marketers said their company has a mobile app and nearly 28% plan to build one in 2021. Only 11% of companies without an app don’t plan on building it. Marketers plan to increase their use of in-app channels (+7%), web push notifications (+5%) and mobile push notifications (+3%).  This shift could be a result of the significant boost in mobile usage from consumers during the pandemic. Top 3 business concerns for 2021 according to marketers: The growing demand for convenience and safety (29%). Brand empathy perception (15%). The disruption of loyalty (14%). The fact that 60% of 2020 marketing budgets increased or stayed the same suggests a greater reliance from brands on martech solutions. Many marketing teams likely shifted to martech solutions to better reach customers at home and provide safe, convenient offerings like curbside pickup, delivery and in-home entertainment.


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