June 27, 2022

Mail vs e-mail


According to a survey by Royal Mail Marketreach, 88% of people  in the UK read all or most of their Customer Mail, compared to 76% for e-mails, 58% for texts and 44% for app notifications. In contrast to Advertising Mail, where the focus is to ‘sell’, customer mail’s primary objective is to share information, offer support and develop relationships between an organization and a named addressee. The research found that people are twice as likely to say that they understand complex information when it is presented to them in physical mail compared to digital formats and 57% of respondents report that they are less likely to miss something if it comes to them in a physical format. Customers engage with mail more than e-mail: 85% of them open it; 65% store it for future reference; 49% put it somewhere to action later; and 40% show it to others in their household. 42% of British consumers were encouraged to go paperless last year, but only about 24% did so. And this is not good time to cancel mailing people at all. Royal Mail Marketreach claimed that a combination of both physical and digital mail tends to be the best approach across a customer relationship.


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