May 19, 2021

Loyalty programs


YouGov polled 1200 US adult consumers on-line in April 2021 (). This survey revealed that 88% of respondents were willing to share their information if they saw value in the exchange. Consumers aged 18–29 were slightly more likely to say they would share their personal data with a brand in exchange for something of value such as discounts, free products or rewards — 90% vs 88% of Americans overall, a statistically signi...ficant difference. 68% of polled consumers said they like when a loyalty program sends them personalized discounts based on their purchase history. Among those who said they are willing to share their personal data in exchange for a reward or discount, 74% like when loyalty programs use first-party data such as purchase history to send them discounts and offers that hold value to them. That shows a clear consumer expectation for businesses to use consumer information to personalize the shopping experience. Loyalty programs benefit brands in several ways. The first is increased customer spending. 67% said they spent more with a brand when they are a member of its loyalty program in 2020, but just 58% said the same about their spends in 2019. Second is emotional connection. 53% of respondents said they feel more emotionally connected to a brand when they are a member of its loyalty program (46% in 2019). The third benefit of loyalty programs is its ability to reach non-customers. 58% said they would recommend a brand to friends and family as a member of the brand’s loyalty program. It’s worth to emphasize that 83% of people who feel emotionally connected with a brand would recommend the brand to others.

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