June 24, 2022

Lost ad revenue


59% of marketers have lost revenue since Apple’s IDFA changes, the phasing out of third party cookies by Google, new privacy updates, and changing ad regulations, according to ‘The App-ocalypse’, a report from Bango Audiences, a cookie-less ad targeting tech. The research, which surveyed more than 300 app developers and app marketers, found that 64% of marketers are concerned about the implications Google’s removal of third-party cookies will have on their user acquisition strategy, with 21% being very concerned. 61% of marketers have also reported that they have lost sleep because of the new changes. The report also discusses the iOS IDFA privacy changes already in effect – which allow users to opt out of being tracked. Although the updates have complicated user acquisition strategies, marketers do understand the need for privacy. In fact, 59% agree that user privacy is a top priority for their company in 2022. Concerns about how to acquire new users are still rife, with 61% of marketers agreeing that they’re having to rethink their user acquisition strategy. 63% are actively looking for new ways to target paying users without IDFA, cookies or data privacy issues.


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