September 14, 2020

Instagram reels


According to Ralph Creative agency, Instagram Reels is a new powerful feature of creating and sharing short video content for anyone. Reels was launched in August 2020 in 50 countries, but earlier last year it trialed in Brazil. It is a typical strategy for Facebook/Instagram to make their own apps that copy popular competitor’s apps and features. Reels is a clone of TikTok app. But it has some benefits. User-friendly video editing int...erface enables brands, marketers and influencers to share short-form video content as quickly as they can with static content such as photography. There are no restrictive caption limits, which makes adding important details far easier – for things like recipes, travel blogging, or stockist details. There is also the ability to tag an almost infinite number of other handles, including brands and creators, most of whom are most likely to already be on Instagram. All handles in captions are clickable making profiles easy to reach with a simple touch. Recently brands were stripped of their rights to use popular tracks from artists on TikTok and now can only choose from a smaller library of stock music. Instagram still enables brands to choose licensed music from its huge music library to put over their videos, making for a much more engaging and fun viewing experience. If your Reel is featured in Explore, you’ll receive a notification. These Featured Reels are a selection of public Reels chosen by Instagram to help users discover original content. Also Reels are available over Instagram’s traditional feed.

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