October 10, 2021

Influencer marketing


According to MarketingTechNews, 71% of companies currently use influencer marketing or have used it in the past. What’s more, 42% of companies cite influencer marketing as one of their primary channels. Despite being an established part of marketing mix the view from senior marketers is that influencers remain an activation, as opposed to an overarching strategy. Just 32% of companies feel that influencers should be considered at the strategic marketing phase. Instead, 48% think influencer marketing should come into the picture much further down the line at the content creation stage. Influencer marketing’s exclusion at the strategic level seems even further baffling when the vast majority of marketers see huge growth potential in the channel. 76% of marketers agree that the channel will become more important over the next three years. Furthermore, it looks to set record levels of investment, with 76% planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets during that time. With audiences naturally segmented by merit of the influencers they choose to follow, brands with an in-depth influencer strategy can circumvent limitations on behavioral tracking. Further to this, influencer content is seen as more authentic, creating trusted consumer relationships with influencers that share their interest. Brands can benefit from these relationships as a successful influencer partnership can have a big impact on a consumer’s opinion of businesses – 44% of people feel more positive about a brand that uses influencers.


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