October 23, 2020

Idfa receding


Apple’s restrictions on in-app tracking have been applied in September. Now apps have to explicitly ask users consent on being tracked. Availability of Apple’s Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) starts to recede since iOS 14 released. It will still be possible to combine certain attributes of a device to identify it as a unique device. Apple has given few alternatives beyond the SKAdNetwork — a privacy-centric way to measure the suc...cess of app install campaigns. Advertisers also could turn to the IDFV (ID for Vendors) which is like the IDFA but specific to a single developer and cannot be combined with data from apps they don’t own without user permission. According to Digiday the assumption among mobile marketers seems to be that asking users to create accounts within apps could generate data like an email or a phone number needed in the absence of the IDFA. Some advertisers are busy weighing the pros and cons of diverting some of those media dollars into contextual targeting. While contextual targeting has previously seemed too far from precise user-level targeting, advertisers are reassessing that stance given the lack of alternatives. It’s a situation that could inadvertently push advertisers to Google’s Android platform where the economics are more favorable because of fewer restrictions on user-level tracking.


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