March 15, 2021

Google vs australia


News publishers in Europe and Australia lobby new laws that make search engines pay them for news that appear in search results. Australian government is closed to implement such law sooner. That’s why Google as the world’s most popular search engine have to negotiate about a deal with News Corp and Nine Entertainment – the two biggest companies to lobby for the new law – and other publishers. As reported, Google should pay a...bout AU$30 million a year to Nine Entertainment. Details about News Corp’s deal is unknown. Also there is a bad scenario: Google would leave Australian market. Marketers should therefore prepare for the worst-case scenario and ensure that they’re able to quickly shift search campaigns to other platforms. Bing from Microsoft is the second most popular search engine worldwide, and has nearly 12% of the US desktop market. Products from Microsoft are very similar to Google ones. But marketers that use Google’s Smart Shopping software to run their shopping campaigns will be disadvantaged here – Google restricts access to vital campaign data, without which any campaigns on alternative platforms will have to start the optimization process again from scratch. This situation emphasizes the disadvantages of over-reliance on services from one tech-giant.

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