June 25, 2020

Google shopping


According to ModernRetail, Google is trying to use an opportunity to engage sellers into its Google Shopping platform. The pandemic has highlighted some fresh dangers of relying too heavily on Amazon. For sellers of non-essential goods who relied on Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), some of them had no other way of getting their goods to customers on their own, once Amazon temporarily stopped accepting shipments in March. According to Marketplace Pu...lse, 80% of the top 10000 Amazon sellers in the US use FBA. Other marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, Target and Google take a chance to increase their share and bite from Amazon’s pie. As per the  Information reported in 2018, Google Shopping (that time Google Express) did $1 billion in sales, while Amazon did $142 billion in product sales that year. After re-branding in 2019, the company started focusing on recruiting more small to medium sized retailers, while big retailers like Sephora left the platform. Google announced in April that it would be now making it free for merchants to sell their products on Google Shopping. Previously, merchants were charged on a cost-per-click basis. Google also said that it would allow merchants to link their PayPal accounts to more easily onboard them to Google Shopping. This decision gives merchants who generate most of their sales from Amazon an incentive to try listing their products through Google Shopping as well.


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