August 17, 2020

Future of customer experience


Futurum Research in partnership with SAS published the results of study involving more than 4000 consumers, executives, marketers, and technology professionals to understand what defines customer experience today and how it’s evolving. Globally 69% of respondents say they have 2 or more mobile phones in household, 41% plan to increase use by 2025.
60% of respondents have at least one smart (AI) assistant in household..., and 59% plan to increase use by 2025. 67% have at least one wearable device (like smart watch or fitness tracker).
Financial or banking apps are used by 85% of respondents (at least one app). 78% of people use at least 2 social media. 41% plan to increase use of financial apps and social media by 2025. Regions with the highest level of financial apps penetration are Asia Pacific (46% use 3 or more apps and 5% use no apps), South America (43% and 4%), and Africa (31% and 2%), while only 22% people in Europe and 19% in North America use 3 or more apps and 14% and 23% use no financial apps respectively. A key factor is the big gap between consumers in North America and Europe behind other regions in using smart phones, wearable devices, and finance and payment apps. This gap exists now, and it will keep the same pace in future according to people answers. It will influence the speed of digital transformation and digital businesses growth in different regions. The report contains other valuable data.

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