March 10, 2020

Facebook privacy control


On Data Privacy day Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, announced major changes that Facebook team was planning to implement in a new decade and right now. He said that the main goal would be to build much stronger privacy protection for everyone on Facebook. 2 billion users over the world would be prompted to review their privacy settings via News Feed and through the Privacy Checkup tool. It allows to view setti…ngs about what users share, keep account secure, etc. Off-Facebook Activity tool has been available since that day. According to Zuckerberg’s explanation, other businesses send Facebook information about users activity on their sites and the platform uses that information to show people ads that are relevant to them. Since that users can see a summary of that data and clear it from accounts if they want to. He noted that it marked a new level of transparency and control. Login Notification tool rolled out in January to keep user control on third-party logins (at other sites and apps) using Facebook account. Now users can easily manage signed apps and services, edit settings and stay aware of how their account is being used by third-party apps.

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