April 7, 2021

Email marketing


While many brands have opted to spend their budgets on digital and social media marketing, there is a more tried channel that has stolen the spotlight: email.
According to SparkPost’s recent study 44% of marketing leaders increased their email budget in 2020. During a time in which people were spending more time on their phones, tablets, and computers, marketers were betting on a “fire on all cylinders” strategy, the foundation of which was em...ail. 58% of global leaders note email marketing efforts drive value and positive impact to their business. 59% of email practitioners believe email is a main source of revenue. By focusing marketing efforts and dollars on email, brands can build a strong customer experience and an agile marketing team as well as create a foundation for other marketing channels. Unlike other ad placements that are owned by social networks and search engine giants, email is a world all its own. While digital marketing channels require that brands follow certain rules like word count and image content, email is more malleable enabling companies to flex their creative muscle and build totally unique campaigns. Another benefit of email is that investing in it can actually boost marketing team morale. 83% of respondents are happy at work. SparkPost found that one of the major factors in this overwhelmingly positive statistic is that many marketers leverage automation and emerging technologies to exceed expectations at work.


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