April 4, 2022

E-mail or sms


According to customer communications platform Twilio SendGrid, 18% of all global respondents listed e-mail as one of the top three channels they engage with most often. 77% of consumers check their e-mails at least once per day, and 31% do it 2-5 times per day. At the same time UK consumers (like other global recipients) find branded text messaging to be intrusive on a channel they prefer to reserve for personal use. Many actively avoid giving out their phone numbers and prefer receiving alerts/communications from companies via e-mail only to avoid being bombarded or spammed. 35% of UK recipients said they seldom or never interacted with SMS messages (vs 29% in 2020). Only 17% say they frequently or very frequently interact with branded texts. Using texting as a form of marketing or a promotional tool is a no-go for most UK respondents. 74% of respondents said an offer or promotion is strongly or somewhat influential in convincing them to open an e-mail. Be accurate with frequency to not be annoying. 64% of all UK respondents admitted they would unsubscribe if a company e-mailed them daily. But older generations (20% of Gen Xers and 22% of baby boomers) said no specific number of emails a week would push them to opt out of receiving brand communications. Also consumers admitted that they would be happy to complete a simple survey for their favorite companies to help them better tailor e-mails, especially if it came with incentives. Surveys should be limited to five pertinent questions and take no longer than five minutes of their time to complete.


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