June 4, 2020

Diy beauty


During the lockdown period most people interests shift to online self-care tutorials,  tools and cosmetics for home usage. For instance, the nail-care industry has observed lift at sales following a five-year slump. E-commerce sales of Nail Inc. in the US increased by 571% over the 5 weeks of April compared to the same period in 2019, and more over gel remover kits growth skyrocketed to 2000%. According to Nielsen data based on Revlon sales, n...ail polishes grew by 13%, nail tools – 15%, and foot tools – 274%. Butter London (which retails at Ulta, Kohl’s and Amazon) experienced a 150%  increase in April sales compared to March, and a 70% growth compared to April 2019. Olive & June’s sales of its at-home manicure kits increased by 800% weekly over the last four weeks. Butter London added more DIY and educational feed to its social media via a new TikTok account and first-time IGTV content. The company plans to create an affiliate program with financing options for its nearly 1000 salon partners, so they can earn money on any Butter London DTC purchases. It also plans to provide them with marketing materials and event-hosting tool kits so salons can attract customers whenever they are able to reopen.


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