April 1, 2022

Digital transformation


A new report from business connectivity provider Neos Networks found that 80% UK firms are unable to scale plans to their fullest potential with current connectivity arrangements. Just 20% of UK businesses state they are in a position to undertake digital transformation plans. 84% of enterprises state their digital transformation plans have accelerated due to Covid-19. For 49% of the firms surveyed, these plans have been accelerated by a year or more. Almost every company (98%) said they consider digital transformation to be important to their future strategy. Also the report found that 81% of companies saw a ‘highly successful’ digital transformation success rate when up to 20% or more of the digital transformation budget was devoted to connectivity or networking. The report highlighted ‘keys to success’ surrounding digital transformation. Here are top of them:
• 90% of highly successful firms — recognition of significant benefits conferred by SD-WAN (which include proactive management, better performance information and control of applications).
• 74% — IT department is always involved in specifying and implementing connectivity solutions used in digital transformation.
• 72% — connectivity and networking budget is 10% or more of the overall digital transformation budget.
• 72% — have a ‘very supportive’ telecoms partner.
• 63% — seeing securing remote internet connections as very important.


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