March 7, 2021

Data collaboration


Data collaboration solutions can help understand customers better while preserving data privacy, according to a recent research from the Winterberry Group, sponsored by LiveRamp. 64.3% of US and 45.6% of UK respondents of surveyed marketing leaders say they are either currently collaborating with other organizations’ first-party data for insights, activation, measurement, or attribution. 16.7% of US and 24.2% of UK companies plans to do so. Other 7.1% of US and 21.2% of UK leaders say they have such experience in the past. This is due to multiple factors – pending cookie deprecation, increased regulation such as GDPR, restrictions by browsers, and competition for revenue between walled gardens and marketplaces – but also the emergence of new technology to handle the complex needs of multi-level permissioning so access to and usage of data is strictly controlled. Vihan Sharma, Safe Haven’s Senior Vice President, says “advancement in safe data collaboration is helping brands work together to develop deeper customer intelligence to achieve a competitive advantage.” Safe Haven is LiveRamp’s environment optimized for data partnerships. Built on a foundation of data governance, companies can be confident in providing controlled access to their proprietary data or accessing a partner’s proprietary data to execute strategic initiatives that drive business outcomes.

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