April 4, 2021

Consumers survey


According to Selligent’s most recent consumer survey, 60% consumers now focus on buying essential items and 29% say their shopping behaviors have changed forever. 75% of global respondents reporting that they have less work. People do remain optimistic overall with the vast majority (82%) believing they will be employed again in the near future. Over half respondents believe that working remotely will be part of their future. 64% of consum...ers want mobile and contactless pick-up or check-in options. People around the world coming to expect a contactless experience as part of a seamless, efficient, and flexible omnichannel customer approach. 38% buyers agree that brands have made a considerable effort to improve their customer experience in the last year. 75% of respondents now prefer to receive brand communications via email or mobile, and only a third prefer to start customer support interactions via phone or customer service representatives. This underpins the importance of both marketing and customer service being available across channels, including email, website chat, social, and SMS/text. Only 8% consumers now say a brand name is important to their loyalty. The real driver for repeat custom is tangible benefits, with over half of consumers saying sales or deals are the most valuable communications from brands. Privacy is another critical factor for consumers. 64% of respondents say privacy is now more important than on-line experience.


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