March 24, 2022

Connected user experience


70% of organizations struggle to provide completely connected user experiences across all channels, according to a study by MuleSoft, an integration and API platform provider. The study shows that 72% of organizations’ customer interactions are now digital. To grow in today’s competitive environment, companies need to deliver connected digital experiences – for both customers and employees. Applications lie at the center of digital transformation and efforts to enhance the user experience. On average, organizations are using 976 individual applications (compared to 843 a year ago). Yet only 28% of these applications are integrated on average. 55% of organizations said they find it difficult to integrate user experiences (up from 48% a year ago). Security and governance (54%) was cited as the biggest challenge to integrating user experiences, ahead of outdated IT infrastructure (46%) and an inability to keep up with ever-changing processes, tools, and systems (42%). The biggest challenges to digital transformation are integrating siloed apps and data (38%) and risk management and compliance (37%). 88% of respondents said integration challenges continue to slow digital transformation initiatives. 98% of organizations use APIs as possible solution. 90% of respondents now have a clear integration and API strategy. Brent Hayward, CEO at MuleSoft, said: “Companies need to be able to easily integrate a growing number of apps and data sources to automate their business, create seamless digital experiences, and drive growth.”

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