January 14, 2020

Concerns about cookies


According to a study by RedBud ad tech consultancy commissioned by ID5 tech company (), 81% of websites had vendors identified as potentially causing privacy risks, either from a compliance or data-leakage perspectives. 68 of top news and magazines sites in the UK, Germany and France have been scanned to measure the impact of third-party cookie synchronization used to track people from one system to another and othe...r third-party trackers on publisher sites. The study also has shown that third-party redirects slow web sources an average of 19 seconds. 58% of vendors registered with the Interactive Advertising Bureau Transparency and Consent framework have not read consent strings, used to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The report also found that 80% of sites visited have had vendors dropping cookies that have not  been GDPR compliant. Reasons ranged from vendors simply not sharing privacy policies to not counting third-party cookies as personally identifiable data. ID5 expected to release data on how much money publishers left on the table by not being able to monetize audiences from browsers restricting the use of cookies. A range of publishers reported that CPMs for Safari traffic were on average 30% lower than for Google Chrome traffic.


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