April 7, 2020

Cmo responsibilities and data


A new report from The CMO Club, alongside Deloitte (), has explored the balance to assess the future of the marketing organization and where the leader sits. The study, which polled more than 400 senior marketing executives worldwide, found that brand visibility still trumps all when it comes to benchmarks. 51% of those polled said their top measurement of success in the eyes of their CEO was awareness, …ahead of sales and revenue (31%) and media return on investment (29%). 71% of CMOs said they considered their role as part of the C-suite, with 59% reporting directly to the CEO. 68% of those polled said they had Profit and Loss responsibility. Yet only 16% said they had responsibility for the company’s sales force. On average, there are between two and three layers of management in each marketing organization. Marketing strategy (78%), as well as marketing operations and technology (71%), are the primary reports for the CMO. 61% of CMOs admitted they did not have a direct report who could step into their shoes tomorrow. “In order to succeed in today’s ever-changing business environment, C-suite leaders are challenged to adapt to new trends while executing tried-and-true strategies,” said Jennifer Veenstra, managing director of the CMO program at Deloitte. “Having benchmark data will help CMOs and senior marketing leaders develop, design and implement changes that can transform their organizations’ marketing efforts.”


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