September 19, 2021

Christmas shopping


According to a report from eBay Ads UK, which surveyed 2000 UK consumers who celebrate Christmas, 25% of Brits say they will have started thinking about Christmas shopping before the end of August. People are feeling more optimistic about Christmas 2021 as they anticipate a more ordinary festive season than last year. 60% feel optimistic that they’ll be able to celebrate as usual this Christmas, while 49% think that this Christmas will feel traditional and plan to do what they always do. A quarter  feel Christmas will be more exciting this year – up from just 16% in 2020. 27% of respondents plan to start Christmas shopping and preparations earlier than they did last year. 41% of consumers say they’ll have finished their Christmas shopping before December even starts (vs 25% last year). While people report having spent slightly less, on average, on Christmas presents and celebrations in 2020 (£527.88) compared to 2019 (£551.34), this year many consumers are planning to spend more. 30% of respondents plan to spend more, and only 15% plan to spend less. This is much more optimistic compared to 2020, when only 13% said they’d spend more, and 31% said they’d spend less. So marketers should be prepared for upcoming shopping fever.

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