September 19, 2021

Chatbot and automation usage


Marketing software provider HubSpot surveyed 1500 marketers globally, and found that marketing and social media priorities are shifting to match developing technologies. For instance, chatbot usage in the UK has more than doubled since 2020, with a third of all marketers now using them to engage with customers. The report reveals the acceleratory effect of the pandemic on marketers use of automated solutions. In 2021, marketers have become the largest adopters of automation within businesses, using automated tools 73% more than sales and 134% more than finance. Nearly 20% of social media marketing tactics include augmented reality (AR), up 10% since last year’s report. HubSpot explains this increased popularity through the growing sophistication of automated technologies, enhancing marketers’ abilities to provide tailored content to key consumers. Other fact is found that live video is becoming increasingly popular, with 40% of marketing tactics used live video in 2021 compared to only 17% last year. The time consumers are spending on watching videos is up 85%. Despite this year’s growth of new technologies, traditional forms of marketing such as email marketing also grew in effectiveness. Although fewer emails are being sent out, consumers are showing better response rates. In 2021, 78% of UK marketers reported seeing more engagement from emails over the past year.

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