December 27, 2021

Buzzfeed and tiktok


BuzzFeed and TikTok signed a year-long deal in which BuzzFeed will premiere multiple live video series on the social media platform and TikTok will secure sponsors for the shows. The deal marks the first time TikTok is working with a media company to sell sponsorships against weekly live shows on the platform. Coming from BuzzFeed’s cooking vertical Tasty, the eight-part series features live cooking videos for different events and holiday celebrations, such as Friendsgiving, a tailgate party, date night, Diwali and Hanukkah, and stars in-house and independent creators that BuzzFeed works with. The shows will feature product placements for sponsors. The first sponsor is Cyetus, a home appliance brand that appeared in the show’s Thanksgiving episode. For now, TikTok is bringing brands it works with to the BuzzFeed livestream series, which opens BuzzFeed up to working with new clients. BuzzFeed and Tasty already have 1.1 million followers and 1.9 million followers, respectively, on TikTok. BuzzFeed brings to the table its brand recognition, popular content format and themes, and its creators, while TikTok can offer access to its over 1 billion monthly active users as well as sponsors for the live shows.

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