March 5, 2021

Business intelligence


Dimensional Research surveyed nearly 400 active analytic professionals in business intelligence (BI) at their companies all across the world. The survey was sponsored by Fivetran. Just 2% of companies say they don’t use BI. Marketing (64%), finance (63%), sales (60%), executives (59%) and R&D (51%) are teams with the highest level of BI solutions usage. 71% of companies plan to hire more data analysts based on growing BI users over the... next 12 months. But just 50% of working time of analysts is spent for analyzing data. 34% of time wasted trying to access needed data. 68% of analysts have ideas to make their company more profitable but don’t have the time to implement them. 92% state they have needed to perform tasks outside their role. 90% of respondents say numerous data sources were unreliable over the last 12 months. 86% use data that is out of date, and 29% of them say that it more than 3 months old. Data integrity, quality and access are the top list of analyst challenges. 52% of companies use 11 or more data sources, 33% from 6 to 10. Just 4% of companies don’t use cloud-based data sources. Report is available in PDF.
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