December 23, 2019

Black friday event


Results from the biggest sale of this year have not been published by retailers yet, so Mike Klinkhammer, director of advertising sales at eBay EU, made notes about key moments of last year’s Black Friday (). Purchases in the Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories category on  rose 36% on Black Friday compared to the previous week in 2018. Sporting equipment also saw a 27% rise in purchases in this category o...vernight, and purchases of specific products such as ‘golf clubs’ and ‘ski jackets’ soared by 21% and 23%, respectively. Purchases in the Vehicle Parts and Accessories category rose 11% overnight. Data show that Black Friday has become a longer-term shopping occasion, with consumers actively searching for Black Friday deals up to 10 days before the event. Advertisers should also not underestimate that consumers spend through to Cyber Monday and beyond, with shoppers continuing to spend their money on ‘Super Sunday’ (the Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Last year on , purchases of the coffee brand Krups rose by 23% two days after Black Friday, having already increased by 78% on the day itself. This year, Black Friday was on the 29th of November, almost a week later than last year. This is significant for two reasons; it was on the brink of December, meaning more people saw the event as an opportunity to do their Christmas shopping, and it was after (or on) payday for much of the UK, so more people had the disposable income to make purchases.

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