December 2, 2019

Amazon onsite associates program


According to Digiday (), Amazon has been rolling out its invite-only Onsite Associates Program in the UK. Affiliate publishers on the platform create product-buying guides which help consumers to find products during a search on Amazon. The program has been live in the US for nearly two years. US publishers have increased their monthly revenue by four to six times from the program this year, according to ...August news on Digiday. The program is profitable for publishers because they can reach customers on the fastest growing search place. It is also very important for Amazon to maintain its outstanding pace of growth as a search and market place. However, Simon Jary SVP Consumer Worldwide at publishing group IDG is concerned about the latent risk in forfeiting a long-term direct relationship with the customer and giving content away. The majority of commercial publishers’ traffic and revenue comes via Google Search. According to a study by Jumpshot, 54% of product searches were performed on Amazon compared with 46% on Google in 2018; the reverse was the case in 2015. Nearly 90% of Amazon’s product views came from the company’s own product search, and not from advertising, merchandising, or product aggregators. However, shoppers searching on Amazon took longer to make purchases than those who searched Google. Most consumers bought an item within five days, and Google was used more frequently than Amazon (35% and 19% respectively). The average time taken for the purchase after the search was 25.9 days on Amazon and 19.6 days on Google.

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