January 11, 2020

Ads repeating


During Digiday Video Advertising Summit in Palm Springs, California held in November 2019 experts have discussed various marketing challenges (). The control over frequency of showing same ads and its influence on results for streaming TV has been one of the problems discussed. Modern streaming services look rather like the Internet than broadcasting TV. Advertising on streaming TV has become a complex process.... Participants expressed regretson on how knotty connected TV ad buying is becoming when media companies, streaming services, ad tech companies and connected TV platforms each sell the same inventory. Clients want to broaden out their audiences and buy ads through different channels (directly from a network or through several agencies). So the same ad may be shown during the same show repeatedly. Streaming platforms want to sell as many ads as possible. That is why they are not interested in limiting repeated ads directly, however a solution for this problem may be as simple as content recognition feature used for tracking ads on broadcasting TV. But a real incentive for solving this problem for platforms and advertisers is users who are annoyed with repeated ads. This can lead to a decreasing engagement, or active actions like a boost in premium accounts purchases with no ads and potentially can become a threat of developing software for blocking or skipping video ads like it has already happened with ads on the Internet.


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