April 27, 2020

Ad block rises


According to WARC report based on data from Blockthrough and PageFair, global usage of ad blockers in Q4 2019 increased to 764 million people. This number is about 18.5% of modern global Internet users (4.1 billion according to ITU estimation). Currently this is a maximum level and almost twice more than in 2015. 527 million of mobile devices had ad blockers installed (this was 69% of all ad blockers), others were installed on Desktop PCs. Whi…le mobile ad blocking has grown 70.5% since Q1 2017, desktop users have dropped 16.3% over the same period. The most popular Google Chrome browser does not include native ad-blocker. While competing UC Browser and Opera Mini are capturing mobile market share by offering ad blocking as a built-in feature. 49% of the top 100 US publishers use the independent Acceptable Ads standard to monetize ad blocking users who have opt in. Blockthrough reports that many top ad blocking extensions and browsers allow this standard. Publishers can still generate ad revenue from some users with ad-blockers. 44% of top 100 US publishers had no ad blocking monetization strategy. As a result they have missed income. For instance, 11 UK publishers noted that they have lost about $18.4 million in revenue as a result of ad blocking in 2018.


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