May 7, 2021

About third-party cookies


Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (share 63.6% of all users) will stop supporting third-party cookies in 2022. Safari (19.4%) and Firefox (3.65%) stopped tracking users via third-party cookies over a year ago. Yaroslav Kholod, director of programmatic operations at Admixer, describes situation with cookies at MarketingTechNews. First-party cookies, which are created by the publisher or advertiser and are not transferred to third pa...rties, will stay in place. The most forward-thinking direct-to-consumer brands have already started activating first-party user data from CRM, CDP platforms, and off-line contacts in their advertising campaigns. This allows them to customize retargeting and to sell more products to loyal users. Brands will redirect advertising budgets to sites with their own authorization systems that collect and consistently process user data. This includes large technology platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, as well as media houses that receive user data after registration. So they should be in a profitable position. Media buying based on CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost-per-action) models will become more popular since they don’t require control over reach and frequency. Advertisers will have less trust in the programmatic ecosystem due to the potential increase in traffic fraud until verification systems are rebuilt to work without third-party cookies. Part of the budgets can spill into mobile advertising on Android devices, where targeting options haven’t been limited yet. Apple has already restricted user tracking in iOS14. There are more then fifty different alternatives to third-party cookies now: some of them based on solutions without personal user IDs (groups or cohorts); some of them based on new user ID approaches (like third-party cookies), but they should be in compliance with GDPR and other regulations; and other alternatives. Discussions and combined efforts can help to develop really working solutions. And businesses can choose the solution that is the best for them as soon as possible to be ready for changes.

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