April 9, 2021

A year after covid


Socialbakers published their latest report State of Social Media Marketing – A Year After COVID. The data reveals the magnitude of the shift to the digital marketing environment. Social media played a key role in this wave of digital transformation and as a result social media ad spend skyrocketed to record highs. After an initial decrease in spring, most regions started to reach pre-pandemic spending levels. In many regions, the year-over-y...ear holiday peak spending doubled. Median Facebook ad account spend increased to $2500 in December 2020 from $1000 in December 2019 in Northern America. In Western Europe the growth was not so great: to $1900 from $1000. With people often forced to remain indoors, digital channels became the optimal way to reach audiences. Facebook ads reach worldwide grew by 30%, including increases of nearly 100% in North America and the Middle East. There are a number of factors that could be causing this uptrend. One possibility is that increased spending by businesses on Facebook is driving more advertised content on the News Feed. Another possibility is that this could be signaling a change in consumer behavior; it’s possible that consumers are more likely to engage with advertising, which makes it easier for the Facebook algorithm to find users to show your adverting to. This trend shows both the resilience of digital advertising through the pandemic period and also its effectiveness. The CTR stayed quite steady, averaging 1.01% over the last 16 months in global.


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